The RB Rating System!

.On this blog, I find myself thinking, how good, really, do I think this anime, manga, or video game is?  How can I judge them in a fair light?  In order to do so, I’ve set up this system: The RB Rating System.

  • 1. Story: The narrative of the game, this category will concern itself with thematic complexity, as well as how well the series or game in question conveys its story elements.
  • 2. Characters: Obviously, dealing with the characters of a series, I will judge here, based not on whether I like them or not, rather, it will be based on how well they are designed, as well as how much these characters can contribute to the story.
  • 3. Art/Style: The most vague section, this third division will deal with technical, artistic, and atmospheric capabilities of the series.  Is it animated well?  Is the music good?  What sort of tone is it going for?  These questions will all be addressed here.
  • 4. Personal Enjoyment: The simplest, most vague section, this will primarily act as a summary of the rest, although, it is also a way of putting my own personal bias towards a review.  Simply put, what do I think of the show?  Was it worth my time?

Specifically for video games, I will also include another category, before Personal Enjoyment:

  • 5. Gameplay: This section will deal with how well the game plays- are there any game-breaking glitches?  How well can I control my character?  Does the gameplay feel rewarding, or fun?

Concerning these ratings,there will also be numerical ratings, from 1 to 10.  However, because such ratings can feel vague sometimes, I’ll assign each number an explanation, as to what they mean:

10/10: Essentially perfect.  An exemplar of a fantastic anime/manga/video game.

9/10: Exceptional.  No outstanding flaws, and overall great quality throughout

8/10: Great.  Some small flaws throughout, but generally nothing to really criticize.

7/10: Good.  More good than bad, but certainly some things that can be improved upon.

6/10: Average.  Essentially completely balanced on good points, and bad points.

5/10: Below Average.  A sizable amount of weak points, without the good to balance it out.

4/10: Bad.  There is potential here, but there are too many weaknesses that hold it back.

3/10: Terrible. The weak points significantly outweigh the strong.

2/10: Disgusting.  Barely any redeeming points- hard to justify as having potential.

1/10: Unwatchable.  Absolutely bad, without any hope of redemption.

So yeah.  This is how the RB Rating System will work.  And now that you know how it works here, why not check out some reviews? :D


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