Reading Between Reviews: RWBY

Web series are a bunch of fun.  You can follow things like Video Game High School by Rocketjump, an independently made series which isn’t quite a TV show, but isn’t quite the stereotypical internet series,  you have web cartoons like Cyanide and Happiness, short, quirky, disgustingly hilarious humor that’s right at home on Youtube, and a whole plethora of other diverse shows.  Considering that a certain web series is entering its fourth volume, and the hype train for said series is moving full speed ahead, no brakes, I figured I’d get this little post out here!

RWBY has been an interesting series, to say the least.  The brainchild of one extremely talented animator, Monty Oum, his joining up with Roosterteeth gave him the resources necessary to create this show, featuring strong female leads, a huge focus on action, and an immensely fascinating, immersive world.  At first, it seemed like nothing more but an experiment: a stab into a new world of Roosterteeth-produced animations, that, despite being very hyped up, seemed to be just an anime ripoff, a series with heart that lacked the finesse and quality to be something bigger.  Now, after three subsequently improving volumes, its own spin-off series, and the birth of a dedicated fanbase that continues to grow, RWBY has proven its staying power.

It’s an interesting series for sure, and is probably the fandom I am the most hopelessly lost in at the moment: but before Volume Four starts up on October 22nd, I just wanted to take a look back at everything that RWBY did right, and yes, what it did wrong.  The review starts now!

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