My Top Five Indie Video Games!

The work of an independent artist can be amazing to see sometimes.

Whether it’s indie music, an independently written webcomic, or an independent game developer, having that control is both a blessing and a curse.  Not restrained by quality controls, by specific rules and ideas, the artist in question can experiment to their heart’s content.  And sometimes, absolutely great games are born as a result.

I’ll just be talking about the five indie games that I enjoyed the most, the ones I believe deserve recognition as some of the best.  There are some games that have grown beyond this, such as Minecraft, so I won’t include them- rather, the games I’ll include have been independently developed by individuals, or small groups at best.  That being said, let’s see what the best of indie gaming has to offer!

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My Top Five Artistic Video Games

Hey.  Before we get into this, Happy New Year guys.  Hope it’s a good one for you!

It is my sincere belief that all forms of media have the potential to be art.  That’s the whole point of this blog- a tribute to the stories that other forms of media have been able to share.  This includes, as you might guess from the title, video games.

In the history of video games, we’ve gone from bouncing a ball across two paddles, to the creation of immersive, powerful stories with expansive universes.  They’ve come a long way, to the point where video games are known to have the potential to stir emotion, contain symbolism, and create engaging characters.  Video games have become a means of expression and storytelling, and while some are expressly meant for entertainment, others were created with deeper meaning behind them.  For my final post of the year, I’ll be talking about my thoughts on the most artistic video games around.

Judging by a combination of level of complexity, thematic depth, and emotional impact, I’ll go through the titles that I feel deserve to be designated as pieces of art, unique from other video games.  It’s all my opinion of course, and art is almost entirely subjective, so, again, this will not be a definitive list by any means, just a thought on some of the games that have become something more than just a game!  That being said, let’s get into it!

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Undertale: is Sans a Nihilist?

About time I got to something Undertale-related.

So yeah.  Undertale was an absolutely fantastic game.  Despite a fandom that, for many people, over-hyped the game to the point of absurdity, there was pretty good reason for it all.  Between the hugely innovative gameplay, the unique story, great chara- you’ve heard this all before.  And of course, even if you HAVEN’T played the game, you must know about Sans.  That one smiling skeleton that’s literally everywhere?  Get dunked on?  Of course.

What you don’t know, is that Sans is linked with a Nihilistic view on life, and despite being one of the most relaxed, fun characters in the game, is lowkey a badass suffering through an exis- oh.  You’ve heard this already too?  Damn.

Well then.  Guess I gotta do a new take on this.  Everyone loves to throw around the idea that Sans the skeleton is a Nihilist, but I thought, is he really now?  Philosophy is such a touchy, crazy subject after all.  So I did some research, and came to an interesting conclusion.  If I may have a few minutes of your time, I’d like to give you a little briefing on philosophy, and how Sans, really, doesn’t seem to be a Nihilist.

This goes without saying, but there will be spoilers for Undertale spread throughout, but at this point, does anyone who’d be reading this NOT know about Undertale?  Regardless.  Let’s get some philosophy up in here!

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