The Sales, Reception, and Popularity of Pokemon!

Pokemon is one hell of a franchise.

The second-best selling video game franchise of all time, only behind Mario, Pokemon has become a legitimate worldwide phenomenon, known to essentially anyone and everyone.  It’s a huge franchise, released to positive reception with every new title, and one that everyone knows is going strong, but really, how strong is it nowdays?

Well, the trends aren’t exactly surprising, honestly: but they were certainly interesting to look at!  And here’s the results.

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RB Weekly News #8: SnK Recap Movies, Switch News, and Pokemon’s 20th Movie!

What’s up guys, hope your day’s been going well.  It’s Ayron here, bringing you the latest in the animanga and gaming worlds!  The past week has seen some rather interesting developments, regarding some pretty big anime movies, and of course, has seen the advent of perhaps the most hyped-up video game console of all time.  Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Some of My Favorites: Five Old-School Games!

A few decades ago, the world of gaming was a drastically different place.  Times were simpler- no one knew just what the medium was capable of.  Because of this, companies were far more free to experiment with new ideas, and games that exploited these new ideas were revolutionary.  They were the games that introduced the world to video games as a whole, the foothold for an industry that has grown to massive proportions today.  These are old-school games- the ones that we all remember from our childhood.

Do you remember these games?  I’m sure you do- whether it was a game of Mario Party with friends, catching the first 151 Pokemon, or enjoying the open-world shenanigans of Banjo and Kazooie, I find that many people hold these memories dear.  And of course, the same goes with me.  I’ve loved many games like this, and they made up a huge part of my childhood- and in many cases, they’ve stuck with me even to this day.

So, today, I’ll talk about five of the old-school games that have stuck around in my mind.  These are the ones I’ve had great memories with, and games that I’m sure have been a huge part of the lives of others as well.  They introduced new ideas to me, about how the world of gaming worked, and have given me a love for gaming as a whole.  Also, for the purposes of this list, I will be talking more about the 1990s era- retro arcade games, the absolute originals, will be saved for another time.  That being said, let’s get to it!

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Some of my Favorites: Five Nostalgic Anime

Nostalgia is…kind of a beautiful thing.

Defined as a sentimental longing or wistful attraction for the past, nostalgia takes us back to innocent days.  Rushing to the TV Saturday morning for that latest episode of that one new show you’re following, and growing up following the adventures of your favorite characters, watching any series now just…doesn’t quite compare.  You guys HAVE to know what I mean.

So, in this more personal list, I’ll run down my top five nostalgic anime.  These are the anime that I think of, that cause me to wistfully remember the days of my childhood.  They’re great memories, and I’m sure you guys have similar experiences!  Maybe you’ll even find one of your nostalgic anime series on this list!  Without any further ado, let’s get to it!

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eSports Controversy, Pokemon Outta Nowhere, and The Shogakukan Awards: RB Weekly News #2

Yo guys, what’s good, Ayron here, with another week of Reading Between News.  This past week has been admittedly, a bit dry, but some rather interesting events HAVE indeed happened in the worlds of anime, manga, and gaming.  Between some big awards, the announcement of a new anime season, and *gasp* a new Pokemon game, there’s been plenty to keep up with!

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Pokemon: The Top Six Villain Teams

  A less analytical post, because, hey.  Pokemon’s a fun topic.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades, you know Pokemon.  You might think of it as a complex competitive strategy game, a great RPG series, a silly anime, or even just that one game series that only nerds keep up with, but regardless.  You know it.  The series has been through 721 Pokemon throughout six generations, with a seventh coming very soon.  And each generation comes with better graphics, improved mechanics, and of course, a new plot.

At the center of the actual story of Pokemon games (like we actually play Pokemon games for the story, amirite) we have a young Pokemon trainer, working to become the greatest of their region.  Along the way, they must fight the eight gym leaders, the Elite Four, and the Champion of the region: but beyond that, they always must confront a villainous “Team.”  This team guides the plot, provide a concrete bad guy to take down, and overall, makes your trip through the Pokemon world a bit more interesting, than simply trying to catch them all.

That being said, I do have my favorites among the five teams.  Of course, Pokemon isn’t normally all about the story, so I don’t really like judging based on the complexity of the plot, but rather, some teams just stand out.  They have cooler outfits, more memorable characters, complex motivations, a presence throughout the game, etc. etc.  Today, I’ll simply be ranking my favorite Pokemon villain teams, and talking a bit as to why they’re ranked as such.

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