Some of My Favorites: Five Underrated Video Games!

Some video games have the ability to create wonderful memories, even if they aren’t exactly perceived as great.

These are the underrated games–titles that have some quality, some merit, but are perceived by many as terrible or bad.  For whatever reason, these titles end up being hated by the fanbase, or just hated in general, when I believe they deserve far better treatment than that.

Today, we’re going to talk about five of these kinds of games.  This list will be based purely on my opinion, so if we disagree, well.  I’d love to hear what your thoughts at the end of it!

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Some of My Favorites: Five Great Final Boss Battles!

Final boss battles are often what push video games into greatness.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that the ending of a story is imperative to its quality.  If the video game in question is beautifully executed up  until the end, then you just get that sour taste in your mouth, that it could have been so much better.  Luckily, many great video games are able to deliver, and some decent ones are remembered much more fondly thanks to their final bosses.

From my experience, final bosses don’t have to change the gameplay very much, but rather, they serve as the climax of the story.  They are the ultimate test of your fundamentals, a simple showdown that serves to wrap up the story in a satisfying, powerful way.

They’re the final glimpse you have of a game, the last takeaway- and boy, some of them are pretty damn good.

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Some of My Favorites: Five Old-School Games!

A few decades ago, the world of gaming was a drastically different place.  Times were simpler- no one knew just what the medium was capable of.  Because of this, companies were far more free to experiment with new ideas, and games that exploited these new ideas were revolutionary.  They were the games that introduced the world to video games as a whole, the foothold for an industry that has grown to massive proportions today.  These are old-school games- the ones that we all remember from our childhood.

Do you remember these games?  I’m sure you do- whether it was a game of Mario Party with friends, catching the first 151 Pokemon, or enjoying the open-world shenanigans of Banjo and Kazooie, I find that many people hold these memories dear.  And of course, the same goes with me.  I’ve loved many games like this, and they made up a huge part of my childhood- and in many cases, they’ve stuck with me even to this day.

So, today, I’ll talk about five of the old-school games that have stuck around in my mind.  These are the ones I’ve had great memories with, and games that I’m sure have been a huge part of the lives of others as well.  They introduced new ideas to me, about how the world of gaming worked, and have given me a love for gaming as a whole.  Also, for the purposes of this list, I will be talking more about the 1990s era- retro arcade games, the absolute originals, will be saved for another time.  That being said, let’s get to it!

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The Sales, Reception, and Popularity of Paper Mario!

When you look at Mario, your first thoughts certainly aren’t on the complex story, the complex game mechanics that his games exhibit.  He’s a simple character, perhaps the single best character in all of gaming to showcase the concept of “fun.”  As such a flexible character, he has seen all kinds of genres, from racing to action to sports, with one of his more surprising appearances being in the RPG genre.

Paper Mario has had quite the reputation in the Nintendo archive, and as such, has received attention over the years.  It is now a series, so far consisting of five individual titles, yet many people have only ever known the first three.  So, really, what happened to the series after that?  How did it do?

Today, I wanted to try something new!  I’ll just be comparing sales, reception, and general consensus on each part of the franchise, and see how it looks.  Do the sales match the reception?  Is there any trend to be seen?  Well, let’s find out.
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