A Love Letter to Keijo!!!!!!

A while back, a rather strange anime was released.  The Winter of 2016.  It appeared to be completely ludicrous, a series based solely on the concept of fanservice.  Keijo!!!!!! took the Western world by storm, attracting people at first with the promises of breasts and butts, but then keeping them hooked with sheer lunacy and hilarity.  Keijo was perceived as a clever, subversive anime, something not too dissimilar to One Punch Man in regards to how it subverted anime tropes.  In the span of 12 episodes, it gained a rather sizable fanbase–some people even started to read the manga!

But then, about a month ago, a travesty was announced: the manga’s run in the magazine was ending.  Citing lack of popularity in Japan, as well as conflicts with the publisher, the author, Daichi Sorayami, apologized to the fans, and thanked the magazine that allowed him to run the manga.

Man, what a shame.

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the series, both the anime and manga, I’ve gotta say, it kinda sucks that it’s getting cancelled.  Considering this, I thought that it’d be a good idea to just…appreciate what Keijo!!!!!! brought to the table.  Here’s to one of the strangest series of recent memory!

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Some of My Favorites: Five Fun Anime!

Sometimes, you just need to relax, don’t ya?

You just need sometimes to take some time off, turn your mind off, and enjoy life.  Screw thinking about an emotionally powerful story, romance isn’t your deal, definitely not any of that horror crap- what do you want?  Well, lucky for us, anime can provide us with some of the craziest, most nonsensical, most entertaining scenarios known in the history of mankind.

Anime has become renowned for its slight ludicrousness, and, although that is a huge oversimplification, there is something to say about that.  Anime tends to be quite a bit larger than life, and some shows relish that fact, and use it to entertain.  These tend to be some of the most ludicrous, ridiculous, but above all, freaking fun anime to watch.  So, if you’re having a bad day, watch one of these shows- I guarantee you, GUARANTEE that one of these will be able to cheer you up to some extent.  These are my personal pick-me-ups in the world of anime, and they’re pretty great, I think.  That said, let’s get to it!

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Keijo!!!!!!!: A Review!!!!!!!

The newest anime I’ve watched so far, Keijo!!!!!!…is…

Well, it can best be summed up in two words- boobs, and butts.  Set in an alternate world where a sport named Keijo is extremely popular, the story revolves around one Nozomi Kaminashi, and her quest to become a professional Keijo player.  What is Keijo?  Simply put, think sumo, with swimsuits, and players are only allowed to contact each other with their- you guessed it- boobs and butts.  It unashamedly takes advantage of fanservice, and takes “refuge in audacity” to a whole new level, that I never could have imagined, but surprisingly, it…wasn’t actually that bad.

Without further ado, let’s get into the review!!!!!!  And yes, those exclamation points are necessary.  We’re talking about Keijo here!

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